Reverend And The Makers: Mirrors

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The wonder of Reverend And The Makers is not that this is any good but that they’re here at all. Becoming known because of a couple of tunes and being mates with the Arctic Monkeys, they’ve never really fulfilled any potential and seem to keep going because main man Jon McClure is a character who tweets a lot and has built up hardcore following, enough to make some kind of living.
These new album is good in places but musically it’s all over the shop and lacks any coherence as an album. All the songs are well-written and played but there’s no “it” at the end of it.
Opener (there’s a psychedelic fake intro that sounds like a Pink Floyd off-cut from the See Emily Play session) Black Widow has a Sympathy With the Devil style percussion section giving way to a bluesy tune with a dirty riff, and a sound that’s somewhere between the Small Faces and Thin Lizzy.
Stuck On You opens with a London’s Calling riff but then brass comes in. El Cabrera features mariachi trumpet and a Latin dance rhythm, followed by Blue, a heads down no-nonsense boogie.
Mr Glasshalfempty channels the Beatles’ Taxman crossed with a riff taken from somewhere we can’t place. The Gun is a gloriously silly marching tune (there’s potential for licensing this and several other tracks for adverts).
There are moments of entertainment on here, and it’s probably all very good fun live, but we can’t see it rescuing the band from the “Oh are they still going?” category.

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