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Escape The Fate: Hate Me

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We’d not heard of this band before: the internet reports that they arose from the metalcore/post hardcore scene a decade ago but that only one original member remains. We’d guess they were very visceral early on: opener Just A Memory is dark metal with singer Craig Mabbitt growling and grunting as much as singing, and some guitar shreds.
After that, it’s very Linkin Park, as Mabbitt shows off his vocals and sounds like Chester Bennington more than once. Like LP, they combine melodic tunes and powerful vocals with metal riffage, though they have more shreddy guitar and power chords than Linkin Park. There’s also a fair amount of synth.
We liked this: it’s loud and rocky, but with enough melody and tunes to be palatable on the ear. We guess the early fans, judging it as hard metal, think it’s terrible but the fact that we’ve got it to review suggests the label thinks they can hit a wider market than just the metalheads. If you like rock that skirts between metal and the more radio-friendly FM bands, this is worth a listen.

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