Chorusgirl: Chorusgirl

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The Press release calls this band a “noise pop” quartet, that description being the one of choice when you can’t think of anything else to say. As opposed to the “silent pop” bands, maybe.
We played this through several times before it caught; if you don’t pay attention it’s easy to dismiss, but it’s got hidden depths.
They’ve got a proper indie sound, somewhere between The Cure, Pixies and a Jesus and Mary Chain clone, though we could probably cite any number of bands; they’re not original, just good at what they do.
The opener is Oh To Be A Defector (the brains behind the band is German songwriter, singer and rhythm guitarist Silvi Wersing), which you could fall in love with, with its catchy, jangly guitar.
Track two No Moon has the same impetus to it as The Cure while Girls Of 1926 is a bit of a template of how to right an indie classic, with simple yet effective instrumentation, swirling guitar, lots of bass and atmospheric vocals that possibly come from listening to a lot of Blondie.
Girls Of 1926 and Oh To Be A Defector are not typical as they’re both heading towards the upbeat while the rest of the album is bleaker, not in a contemplating-death-and-the-decay-of-all-things way but with the downbeat intensity that good indie has.
On the downside, they’ve got the one sound. They might cheer up a bit or slow down, or play a bit louder in some parts, but it’s basically one sound and that very much their own. The strengths of the music might take a couple of plays to appreciate but we wouldn’t want a boxset of Chorusgirl’s top 100 tunes either, and the 30-odd minutes of this is enough. But, as we say: you could equally fall in love Oh To Be A Defector — particularly if you’re just discovering indie — and think this is the best thing ever.

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