Hinds: Leave Me Alone

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This all-girl band from Madrid are going to be all over the shop this year, as youngsters discover how exciting music can be. Older fans will have heard it all before, The Troggs Wild Thing onwards. It’s got a definite ramshackle charm, albeit one that fades a little as the album plays through.

A bit like Vaccines, this is a garage band being as raw and clattery as possible, though Hinds are poppier. You’ll know the sound: the music sounds like it was recorded live in a damp cellar, and a slight air of it all being a bit too much like hard work for anyone cool enough to be in a band.

Openers Garden and Fat Calmed Kiddos are both pleasant enough, but track three, the rather sweet Warts, is an early standout. We also liked Solar Gap, though it’s six tracks in and we’re always starting to tire about then.

The music is ok, the band has an appealing laidback/hungover air but, as we say, probably of more appeal to younger music fans.

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