Fun Lovin’ Criminals: Come Find Yourself

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The 20th anniversary “expanded edition box set” of what the Press release calls “a modern classic” offers all the FLC you could ever want.

They’re an interesting band: over in the States we’ve mentioned them to music-loving Americans only to be met with blank stares. Only Scooby Snacks was a hit over there, and we think we read that their later albums weren’t even released in their homeland.

Over here everyone can hum at least one FLC song, and Huey Morgan is a stalwart of 6Music.

It could be that many characters who stereotype national traits — like Steve Irwin in Australia and the Fast Show’s Mr Cholmondley-Warner — they’re just too New York for New Yorkers, or it’s maybe that we just appreciate good music more.

Come Find Yourself lyrics are steeped in New York, whether it’s city centre life or references to the Mafia and, references to weed aplenty. But it’s the music that takes centre stage, an easy-on-the-ear mix of hip-hop, blues and soul that’s good for a party or just to cheer on a cold winter’s day.

This “collectors’ deluxe edition box set” features the original album, a re-mastered version and live recordings, most notably from the BBC vaults.

The Fun Lovin’ Criminal, Scooby Snacks and King Of New York are all on the album. An excellent box-set — the live stuff is really good.

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