Goo Goo: Dolls Boxes

review goo goo dolls x1 cong

Goo Goo Dolls have sold 10m albums but we bet 9m+ of those are in the States, where formulaic music goes down well. The British are more discerning. We’ve had several Goo Goo Dolls albums over the years, and it’s melodic rock we think we should like more but just never play. If you want predictable rock, we’ve got Snow Patrol, or, better, one of the many unsung but great albums we’ve reviewed over the years.

They had two big hits, Name and Iris, which presumably generated a loyal fanbase and some cash, but they seem to have struggled to hit that mark since.

The first few tracks on this are pleasant: predictable melodic stadium rock with the drums high up in the mix and lots of sing-along potential at gigs, but after that it all gets predictable. If this was vinyl, you’d play side two just the once. It’ll sound good on adult rock radio, admittedly. If you already like them, you’ll probably like this; otherwise, there’s much more interesting music about.

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