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Non Canon: Non Canon

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Non Canon is Barry Dolan, also known as Oxygen Thief, about whom we know nothing: he has supported Frank Turner and InMe so we guess it’s punky folk. Non Canon is more folky, with string instruments to the fore, though Turner is an obvious comparison.

This is the kind of act you’d see at a small festival like Green Man, an intelligent folk act talking wisely about the meaning of life and reflecting on the superficiality of materialism while playing tunes on an acoustic guitar.

He half sings half talks the vocals; if you saw him, you’d probably think it was all very nice and go and buy the album. This is that album; it’s one that would be improved considerably by seeing the man live, and then playing the CD and remembering the excellent gig. He plays gentle folk, though it’s all well arranged and has plenty of instrumentation so it’s not simple.

The best thing about it is that while it uses stringed instruments and a bass drum, there are no Mumford comparisons to be made. He’s probably closest to Turner, but lacks the latter’s Turner’s punk power. His voice is not the strongest, but it is rather winsome; on a sunny day at a festival with a pint of cider, you’d enjoy it all immensely. As far as we can tell he sings about day-to-day life, though we have no lyrics. For fans of Frank Turner and more poetic bands of his ilk.


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