Natalie Schwaabe: Piccolo Works


A bit like the Opera Jazz Blues album, an album featuring the piccolo — known as the screaming twig or Ak47 for its ability to cut through the loudest orchestra — might be something that you never think you’d need, but this is a decent, if idiosyncratic, album. You wouldn’t want a collection of piccolo works, but just the one is fun.

The pieces featured range from the ethereal (Gert Wilden’s Two and a Half Piece, though it’s also playful) to the almost-jazz (Derek Charke’s Lachrymose), so there’s variation and we guess the middle range of the instrument is used, as there is little to suggest a screaming twig. The pieces are inspired by variety of topics, from Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five to the pied piper.

Schwaabe studied in London and obtained her degree in Munich, where she is based, playing with the Bavarian Radio Symphony. Jan Philip Schulze plays piano.

Out now on Divine Art’s Metier label, MSV28562

Screaming twigs:

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