Nadine Khouri: The Salted Air

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Khouri is a British-Lebanese musician and songwriter based in London, whose work is described by the Press release as “music born of perennial outsider status”. The PR cites a four-star Mojo review (“dark, possessed beauty”) and a five-star Radio Two review (“fascinating musical tapestry”). We’d give it three stars (“all a bit the same, really, but quite nice”).

If you like gentle, meditative music and think Clannad a little loud you might think it’s great. She’s got a good voice, though she’s more speaking than singing most of the time, and the instruments (acoustic guitar, piano) do their stuff quietly in the background.

It’s leans towards the samey but not exclusively so. There are some good moments. The opening song is nice, Thru You I Awaken, a cappella and reflecting her heritage. I Ran Thru The Dark is good, a plucked guitar given it impetus and the strings adding atmosphere, swelling gently as it proceeds. Broken Star is nicely moody, while Surface Of The Sea stirs itself enough to be a pop tune.

The standout is Shake It Like A Shaman, a tribal repetitive chant that works well. Great potential, but this isn’t it.

The Salted Here:

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