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Vant: Dumb Blood

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We like this because they sound like a band at all times; some of the songs may not be the best but they always work because the band works as a unit.

Opener The Answer is a great first track, with feedback, swirling guitar and throbbing bass held together by a tight drum pattern; if you’re one of those young persons discovering the excitement of rock n roll, this is going to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

Track two Put Down Your Gun is not quite so good but it would make a decent early-period Feeder tune, while an early standout is the catchy Peace And Love, a fast-paced indie pop tune. Overall, it’s a pleasing mix of radio-friendly rock and thrashy grunge/punk, though it’s a little unvarying.

It’s best not to listen to the lyrics which are juvenile in places (though they are young, so what do you expect?) and there are pointless sweary moments. Weak lyrics are when they’re trying to be thoughtful, instead of just getting a sweat up rocking: “Some people dance / Some people have fun / Some people shoot guns / People shoot up,” is a bit lame though the punky Headed For The Sun’s “That boy got his sneakers / Got a new guitar / Start a cool cool punk band” is spot on.


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