Ten Fé: Hit the Light

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This enjoyable album delivers cool indie pop that’s also commercial; it’s likable and stands repeat plays but is a little derivative. Indeed, we noticed various reviews compared Ten Fé to various bands; we guess they sound like everyone and anyone, so if you like them they sound like your favourite band. Follow sounds a bit Stereophonics, opener Overflow is a bit Editors, Turn a bit M83; or Hall and Oates, or Primal Scream, or The Cure or Yeasayer, or Duran Duran, or whoever your go-to compare band is.

Not that there aren’t some fine moments: Turn is a crisp and happy pop tune, Elodie is more personal and warmer, perhaps one of the standout tracks. Twist Your Arm is raunchier. Don’t Forget is nice, the falsetto vocals giving it an emotional tug.

Another Way is pure pop, almost too far towards The 1975 sound. Some songs are little too derivative: In The Air leaves you expectant for Cyndi Lauper vocals that never come, Make Me Better is an Echo and the Bunnymen B-side, Burst is a little annoying.

On the whole, it’s an excellent album of pop music done well and with class, albeit all a bit disposable.

Hit The Light

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