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Kim Churchill: Weight_Falls

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We listen to a lot of music. A fair bit gets played again, some goes on the Review Corner iPod and a select few are placed in the genre “genius”, the albums we really like and play over.

Kim Churchill’s breakout Silence/Win is in there, because it’s a really nice album that we like listening to. He’s got a soft voice; the tunes are easy and there’s a summery vibe. So: we were very pleased to get this and not surprised that it’s equally good. The only surprise was how young he is; we thought he was older. He’s actually 27 and a dude.

We did know he was Australian, born in Canberra, and this is his sixth album. In 2009, he was Australia’s national youth folk artist of the year.

The sound is electric folk/rock, with a touch of blues. He pulls off the difficult task of writing pop songs for grown-ups that sound simple and are immediately accessible. He’s perhaps a little slicker with this album than Silence/Win but he’s kept the intimate feel.

Excellent stuff: try Breakneck Speed, a song we guarantee will make you feel happy; Second Hand Car (as in, he only needs one of them and a guitar) is also good. It’s all good, in fact.


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