The Head: Space

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The most interesting thing about this is the punnery in the title. As for the rest, The Head, brothers Mike and Jack Shaw, joined by Jacob Morrell, all from Atlanta, play the right notes at the right time, and make a noise that approximates to melodic stadium-pleasing rock. Except it’s a bit duller.

This is one we expected to like, just something about the name and the cocky Press release suggested goodness, but it lacks everything that might have appealed. It’s like being promised a double chocolate fudge cake and getting a gluten-free cupcake with no topping.

They cite various influences; the only one we could hear was Echo and the Bunnymen, with all their edge removed. Or Britpop, at the end when the last few bands were jumping on the bandwagon.

It’s possible you need to see them live. We thought Amber Run were a little dull, saw them live and liked them a whole lot more. Though we’ve not played the album since, come to think…

Basically, one of those rare albums we cannot recommend, unless you thought Doves were just too darn loud and had too many good tunes. Sorry, boys.



Hard to find on Amazon too, here’s a track that links to the album:

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