Tom Hingley and the Kar-pets: May Contain Nuts

review karpet x1 cong

A Christmas present for Inspiral Carpets fans, this is a tribute band by the band’s real singer, similar to From The Jam the other week: the covers of hits sound much better when the voice is familiar.

May Contain Nuts is a live multimedia DVD/CD where Hingley and his band the Kar-Pets (presumably the Carpets own enough of the name to prevent him using the letter “C”) deliver the hits about as well as it’s possible to do. This was recorded live at The Ruby Lounge in Manchester in April 2016, and includes a live DVD plus an audio CD in a two-disc pack.

It’s a realistic live sound, ie a little rough. It’s a small-ish venue but we guess the Carpets minus Hingley are no bigger — we seem to remember their tour with Shed Seven stopped off at Manchester Academy.

(The Carpets and Hingley famously parted with different accounts of the end: Hingley said he was left in tears after being sacked while Clint Boon contradicted this; the band later toured with original singer Stephen Holt).

We were never massive Carpets fans, so we know the hits on here but not much else. Fans might like to know the track listing is: Saturn Five, Commercial Rain, Joe, Find out Why, Move, Two Worlds Collide, I Want You, Bitches Brew, Keep the Circle Around, She Comes in the Fall, Sackville, Generations, Directing Traffic, Saturn Five Reprise and This is How it Feels.

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