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Weaves: Wide Open

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Weaves mix genres as readily as Heston Blumenthal blends snails and porridge: New Order, the B-52s, a dash of glam rock; just when you’ve got a comparison they switch direction. At heart it’s raucous indie with swagger and ideas aplenty.

Opener #53 is inspired by Springsteen but it’s more for the moshpit than lyrical analysis; Slicked has a Glitter Band-style intro and ends with a shout-along chorus while Law and Panda starts off with a tight B-52s sound, drums and guitars working together and, again, ends up a sweaty moshpit pleaser.

Scream sounds a bit Tom Waits — the vocals are quirky, reminiscent of Lene Lovich (now 68!), so it’s Waits until the vocals, the music a clattery blues beat underpinned by throat singing.

Most of the influences are from some years ago; Walk Away sounds like poppy Cyndi Lauper.

La La and a few other tracks are lively, wonky indie, which is what they sound like when not trying to sound retro.

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