Tom Misch: Geography

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Years ago, we briefly flirted with trip hop/funk (Hull’s Fila Brazillia were a favourite) and this new album from Misch (born five years after Fila Brazillia formed) takes us back to those days: sleek, jazz-tinged funky pop that’ll be playing in any wine bar you care to enter for the next few years. There’s a Latino touch in places too, all with Misch’s silky vocals over the top. It’s really cool music; it makes you feel like you’re 22 with money, and car with a soft top, and sun to drive round in.

His general London vibe and titles like South Of The River suggest the potential to become one of those acts people mock for being too London/bland — we still think of Dido as cool and look what happened to her.

Until we tire, it’s sophisticated and likeable.

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