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Gorillaz: The Now Now

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We like Gorillaz as a singles band as much as the next primate, but have never really dug the albums, at least until this one. Probably because it’s low key, induces calm and doesn’t try anything too clever.

Opener Humility is a gentle pop tune. It could have been made by any middle-ranking, decent chill-out band, except that this being Damon Albarn, his people call George Benson’s people and there is a pleasingly little funky/jazz guitar section in there. It’s recognisably Benson, too, just as Snoop Dogg is clearly Snoop when he guests on Hollywood.

Tranz is a simple dance tune with a strong groove, and Snoop comes next. You can never go wrong with Snoop and Albarn supplies a beautiful downbeat refrain that makes it even better.

That’s about it for the album, really; there are no real standouts but it’s consistently good throughout. Perhaps for that reason true Gorillaz fans will find it a little lacking, but for anyone without an axe to grind, it’s pretty good; warm and relaxing.

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