Josh Taerk: Beautiful Tragedy

review josh taerk x1 cong

Taerk comes across as a performer who’s massive in his home country (Canada in his case) and is trying to crack the UK, but he’s not; this new album is his third and he’s yet to break through. It’ll be unbelievable if he doesn’t: he writes instantly appealing, melodic pop/rock tunes that will appeal to anyone who likes grown-up pop.

Fans of everyone from Fleetwood Mac via Springsteen to Deacon Blue and all good singer-songwriters in between will find much to like. Apart from being a tad on the short side, there’s nothing to dislike about this.

We last heard of Taerk with an EP, Stages, and all the songs from that are on here; the most noticeable change is that he’s had a haircut; on Stages he looked like a refugee from hair rock, now he resembles a character from Friends.

Midnight Mustang is the epitome of Taerk, a fast, busy tune with a throbbing bass and soaring chorus; next song After The Fall opens with acoustic guitar and throws in strings, emphasising his country side (the album was recorded in Nashville).

Quality stuff; we hope he’s a household name by the end of 2019.

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