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Shred Kelly: Archipelago

review shred kelly x1 cong

Shred Kelly should be bigger, if they could only get some more variety. They blend folk and rock — almost prog in places — that makes individual tracks interesting, but leaves the listener unsure as to what they’re about. The punning name doesn’t help; they’re not a joke band.

The title track opens and promises a pleasant album of pop folk, with banjo to the fore and a rousing chorus; a Canadian Deacon Blue maybe.

Stay Gold opens with the banjo but then is more of a soft rock crowd-pleaser, while the excellent Way Down, while still featuring banjo is more of a 70s soft prog number, Barclay James Harvest meets Pink Floyd, complete with a David Gilmour lead guitar break.

We’ve played this about 20 times, enjoy it in parts but can’t really get a handle on it, the blend of styles combined (ironically) with a lack of variety making it hard to get into.

They’re good musicians and the vocals are good; fans of Celtic folk/rock bands might like it.

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