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Tea Street Band: Frequency


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The Press release for this claims the band follows in the wake of “tunefully idiosyncratic” Liverpool bands like The Coral (partly true) and are closer to artists such as Tunng (not really).

The partial truth is that they are tuneful but it’s not really idiosyncratic and Tunng would not readily spring to mind — it’s more like Moby meets late-career New Order, with splashes of Delphic, Fine Young Cannibals and Stereo MCs.

Opener Givin It Back is a good opener, a gentle but melodic pop tune with some interesting synth sounds.

Next song Sacre Coeur is a little Tunng in the intro, but neither as crisp or as quirky, and turns into a pleasant pop tune. Then comes one of the standout tracks, Only Love, a hypnotic tune with a great guitar (?) riff, a chill-out synth and a great chorus; maybe not a song to play 10 times a day but certainly worth three repeats. A very cool tune.

Elsewhere, Feel It is a decent trance dance; BFYH is a largely instrumental Moby-ish tune; Marseilles Blues (a bit Stereo MCs) has very right synths and is apparently a fan favourite.

Hearts Collide is a bit Delphic, with its spacious and anthemic dance sound.

It’s not all good: a couple of tracks slip by, and we think they are ones where the Tea Street Band don’t sound like anyone else. They’re not innovators like Tunng, but the music is pleasing and we suspect they are really good live.


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