The Coral: Move Through the Dawn

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Clearing out last year’s CDs from the Review Corner we came across this; came out in August, got forgotten.

At a time when most bands are of an age to be worrying about their third or fourth album, The Coral started so young that they hit peak cool at about 15, had done all their musical experimentation by 16 and retired at 17¾ to make films. Well maybe we exaggerate — James Skelly is nudging 40 and this new album is only their ninth — but they’ve certainly been going a while.

They’re pushing no new boundaries, and this is pleasant 60s pop presided over by Skelly’s soothing vocals.

It’s apparently inspired by music they heard at a fair — the last track is After The Fair — so it’s rooted in the rock n roll and classic hits you hear belted out at the fair, made by a band that long ago mastered songwriting, and whose average is still better than most.

Some songs are peak Coral (Strangers in the Hollow) others offer more variety: She’s a Runaway opens with a catchy riff but sounds like a wistful 60s hit from a bunch of hippies; Love Or Solution channels the Beatles and Reaching Out for A Friend is a bit Travelling Wilburys, while Eyes of the Moon is gentler and flute based.

Nothing new and to be honest nothing to make you press repeat 23 times, but quality stuff; try Eyes of the Moon or She’s a Runaway.

Support your local record shop! If you’ve not got one, support us (an independent newspaper) and buy this from here:

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