She Drew The Gun: Revolution Of The Mind

review she drew the gun x1 cong

She Drew The Gun’s debut (Memories of the Future) has stayed on the Review Corner iMusic system — no mean feat considering how much music we listen to — their indie bluesy folk always a pleasant listen. Listening, you wonder why they’re not bigger but then know the answer too; charm is fine for a cult audience but rarely for the mainstream.

This new album is rockier, with more oomph and lots of political (in the broader sense) lyrics but it manages to retain that niche sound that guarantees remaining on our playlist but a lack of big sales.

Opener Resister is a synth-backed punky tune that makes a plea to resist; we’re not sure what as we’ve got no lyrics, but we guess anything you don’t like. There’s a nice lead break in the middle.

Something For The Pain follows, the opener a dead ringer for The Superimposers Seeing Is Believing from a decade ago: it’s unlikely SDTG have heard of the Bournemouth band (though singer Louisa Roach loves the excellent X-Ray Spex — Poly Styrene RIP — so anything is possible).

But the latter’s blend of 60s pop and harmony is a good guide to the sound here, with the punkier opener not typical of the album. Arm Yourself again has a foot in the sixties, this time the more psychedelic side, while Paradise is more blues (with backwards guitar).

Lyrically, Roach rails against unfair Government policy and urges people to stand up, not always obviously — though a couple of songs have spoken sections — and is handy with words.

It’s got charm and it’s intelligent and well played, but we suspect this’ll stay in the much-played-by-fans but cult bracket. It doesn’t vary hugely. Try Something For The Pain or Paradise.



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