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Still Corners: The Last Exit

Still Corners are, as they say, a dreamy pop duo who tweak their sound with every album, from pop to a more synthy sound to this, more Americana and even Tex Mex: half of Still Corners, Greg Hughes, grew up Arizona and Texas so perhaps not surprising. Tessa Murray is English, and the two met at a station in London when a train was diverted.

If you like the kind of so-called desert noir that bands like Calexico turn out, this may well float your camel (Float your boat? Ship of the desert? Desert noir? We’ll get our coats), though it’s a poppier offering.

The title track opens and it’s a lively if mournful tune, Murray singing “I’ve never been this far from home” as the opening lyric, as if to place them in the wastes of Texas.

Crying opens as more wonky 80s synth pop than Americana but they throw in some whistling for that campfire feel. White Sands – which is New Mexico, where the Review Corner was once detained by the US Border Patrol – is more upbeat, with plenty of space and a little cinematic, while Till We Meet Again is slower, nodding at what a later track, Static, plays full-on homage to, Chris Isaac’s Wicked Game.

Perhaps their best album; devoid of killer tunes and no earworms but entertaining.

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