Solem String Quartet: Rawsthorne and Other Rarities

This is billed as a sequel to A Garland for John McCabe (DDA 25166), an affectionate tribute to McCabe that doubled as a sampler for various composers’ work. Apparently intended as the second disc in that set, this project grew to be a full album and is also dedicated to McCabe. It features recordings of […]

Sofia Gülbadamova: Dohnanyi, Solo Piano Works

This tranquil and calming double CD has remained on our playlist for several weeks. We meant to write about it earlier but were too busy being calmed by its sounds to put finger to keyboard. Erno Dohnányi — or Ernst von Dohnanyi as he composed under — was 16 in 1894, when he moved to […]

John Turner: Christmas Card Carols

This has got to be one of the coolest things: recorder player Turner writes a short Christmas carol each year and sends it to friends and family, not in the form of a recording but as notes written on a card. They’re all musicians, so they play the music for themselves. One recipient writes in […]

Nicholas Marshall: Songs and Chamber Music

It’s not just rock CDs that we misplace; this classical recording came out a few months ago but we, er, temporarily filed it in the wrong place (though when “down the back of the desk” is ever the right place, we don’t know). It’s actually got a fair amount of local interest: it features the […]