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The Subways: The Subways

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It must be quite good being in The Subways. Despite being mocked by the NME, they probably have a solid fan base who will buy the album, pay to see them and then buy lots of merchandise. So they make a living from music without the hassle of being stopped in Tesco by weird people. And they still have a record deal, unlike other cooler bands we could probably think of.
Their devoted fan base is reflected in the fact that a fan designed the album sleeve and gets a mention in the sleeve notes.
Social media, this is what it’s all about.
Musically, it’s a bit like a friendly puppy bouncing round your knees. The puppy will do the same thing every time you come home, but it’s no less endearing for the repetition.
Similarly The Subways music changes little — some of the tunes on here sounded very familiar — but it’s impossible not to have an image in one’s head of a mosh pit going crrrrazy.
There aren’t any real standouts: you could try the opener My Heart Is Pumping To A Brand New Beat, or you could buy any earlier album and play any of the tracks and you’d get the hang after about four bars.
Good fun; we play The Subways surprisingly often in the Review Corner. After a hard day when you need cheering up with something happy and loud, they often fi t the bill. Out now on YFE Records/Cooking Vinyl.

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