Andrew Montgomery: Ruled By Dreams

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Montgomery was in a brit pop band called the Geneva, who we’ve not heard of. Sometime reviewer CNM, who has the memory of an elephant after intensive memory training on Memory Island, doesn’t remember them either, so it’s safe to assume they weren’t big.
What he’s been doing since then is a mystery — he’s got an amazing voice so it seems a shame he’s not been delighting someone with his tunes all these years. His voice ranges from a high falsetto all the way down to, well, something much lower, and this album showcases his vocal wizardry.
Given the preceding description you can probably imagine that he sounds variously like Antony from Antony and the Johnsons and Rufus Wainwright but there’s also a bit of Neil Sedaka in there, too.
Opener After The Storm sees Montgomery in full falsetto mode and it’s a choral, almost spiritual, tune. Track two, Sorry Sunday is more pop, and the vocals lower down the scale, while La Graciosa has a pretentious title but is a nice pop tune and one where he sounds a bit like Mr Sedaka (or if you’re not familiar with his work, it’s a bit like 80s pop).
The album takes a little getting used to: he covers a number of genres, presumably because him sticking to falsetto for 40 minutes would get a little tiresome.
Our favourite is the slower Making Up For Lost Time – which is what he’s doing after all — but you could also try Memento, a faster, harder pop tune. The album basically showcases vocals and pretty impressive it is. Well worth listening to.

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