Brother and Bones: Brother and Bones

Brother and Bones are an excellent new band who struggle a little with the high standards they set themselves. Standout track is the album opener Kerosene, a musical explosion that’s pure Kings of Leon southern boogie rock, with stomping drums, pounding bass, a scuzzy guitar solo and the singer screaming tunefully about kerosene love. After […]

Nicholas Marshall: Songs and Chamber Music

It’s not just rock CDs that we misplace; this classical recording came out a few months ago but we, er, temporarily filed it in the wrong place (though when “down the back of the desk” is ever the right place, we don’t know). It’s actually got a fair amount of local interest: it features the […]

Trancescapes: Gaia Sadhana

Trancescapes features singer-songwriter Bill Bourne, who plays blues/rock/acoustic and is a respected muso in Canada, but he’s changed direction for this CD, billed as music for meditation. We assume he meditates and knows what he likes but it’s far from that bland New Age music you get in shops selling crystals and healing rocks, for […]

Cattle and Cane: Home

There are two Cattle and Canes on this new album, the ones who play catchy country-tinged pop such as the opener Skies and the ones who play blandly dull pop tunes that have as much traction with the listener’s brain as a greased pig on a pole. We always hope a band does well — […]

Darwin Deez: Double Down

Deez (Darwin Merwan Smith to his mum) released an improbably successful self-titled debut in 2010. We say improbable: on the flimsiest body of work known to man he sold some copies and landed good slots at festies. The album had a handful of good songs and the rest you could overlook because he was so […]