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Two Door Cinema Club: Gameshow


We bought Two Door Cinema Club’s debut album and saw them live supporting someone or other when they first started; they were a decent indie band. Next thing we know our pet teenager is a big fan and Two Door are selling out tour dates.

So we were pleased to get this new one, and catch up. Why are they so big? The answer seems to be slick production and accessible melodies with an indie rock bent; they’re a bit like Foals or Bombay Bicycle Club but not quite as original. But as they sacrifice originality for accessibility, it’s easy to see why they’re so big.

This new album has everything that a Foals album would do, just without that extra factor that makes you sit back and say: “Wow! This is good!” No-one ever sits back and says: “Wow! This is pleasantly good and quite accessible.”

A bit like Busted, the openers are all good but it tails off a little towards the end and bit like the album — unoriginal but likeable — this review is mixed: if you want originality, forget it; if you want some background indie you can half listen to in the car, it’s excellent.

This might by a 6/10 review but they get bonus points for playing two nights at the Apollo and not one big night at the hideous barn that is Manchester Arena.

Buy this:

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