Sunflower Bean: Twentytwo in Blue

review sunflower bean x1 cong

This patchy album is more a promise of what could be to come than what is.

At peak Bean they drop sharp indie pop, with lead singer Julia Cumming’s crystal voice contrasting with the scuzzy guitar. In other places it’s less convincing (a polite euphemism for forgettable).

Opener Burn It is good, a plea to burn this town to the ground (with a touch of 70s glamrock); I Was A Fool is more the Mac than Mud, and perhaps the standout, a decent, but not great, pop tune, while the almost-title track Twentytwo and Memoria are solid and entertaining indie. Only A Moment is nicely jingly jangly but a little undemanding.

An album all to this standard would be good, but Crisis Fest is a little unfocussed, Human For a little messy and its Flaming Lips middle section too loose, while Any Way You is a little twee, despite some good moments.

Fans of low-key pure indie might find it to their liking. The lyrics reflect the anger of youth, with rants against topics from Trump to religion.


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