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Marmozets: Knowing What You Know Now

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The title perhaps reflects that singer Becca Macintyre had to have a knee operation that left her housebound, giving them time to reflect on their rapid rise to fame.

This new album seems to use up all the energy she accumulated while bed-ridden — it’s feisty and aggressive while still having some great singalong choruses.

Openers Play and Habits are the scuzziest, both reminding us of other songs we couldn’t put a finger on. Play has encore potential, the song where the moshpit goes mad (they’re definitely a young person’s band). Insomnia is a slower and moody song where Macintyre channels Cerys Matthews. Some of the other tunes get a bit thrashy and tuneless; you probably don’t care if you’re the target audience, though even these usually have a decent chorus. Like A Battery has both a good chorus and a massive bass line, though it’s definitely a song for the middle of a set, in between the fan favourites The openers are good, the Placebo-ish New Religion is also good, and they even throw in a ballad, Me and You, one for fans to get their camera torches waving. Likeable, loud and thrashy.


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