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Anne-Marie: Speak Your Mind

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This is everything that’s right and wrong about modern pop music.

Wrong, because it’s as formulaic as they come – EDM beat, X Factor-style vocals, lavish production but little melody (it’s all about the beat, man….) — but right because it’s impossible not to enjoy it, and it’s cheerful.

Anne-Marie can sing: Wikipedia reports she appeared in two West End productions as a child, Les Misérables and Whistle Down the Wind (alongside a young Jessie J), and she later performed with Rudimental’s touring band.

It’s quality pop, for those who like formulaic but get-you-moving tunes. Cry opens with some variation, with an ambient start and a more tribal beat, but it’s only marginal. It’s all to a standard – we like Ciao Adios, and closer Used To Love You.

Perfect — as in, “I’m ok with not being perfect” — tackles the pressures placed on young women, as she sings about loving who she wants, not being a supermodel and eating chocolate without worrying. Bland but admirable, given her target (teenage) audience.

This is polished, but unforgettable and inoffensive (musically, she swears a bit). She’ll do well; she did karate and won golds in world championships. Discipline and focus, and a great voice, will do well for her.


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