Twenty One Pilots: Trench

Twenty One Pilots are one of those bands who passed us by, but turn out to be massive.
We thought they were emo/rock and the first track, Jumpsuit, did not dissuade, with its heavy bass and touch of screaming towards the end.

Track two Levitate takes it off in a different direction with fast rapping and “in a different direction” is apparently the hallmark of their albums; in this they sound variously like Eminem, Alt-J and Yeasayer. Apparently self-taught, they never realised they had to stick to genres, an admirable idea. As well as the music being varied, the vocals range from the small outbreak of screaming to falsetto and more normal fare.

The internet says Trench is a concept album about Dema, which is ruled over by nine bishops who keep its population suppressed. There is a rebel organisation called Bandito, as well as a mysterious figure called Nico. There’s also a track about a pet cheetah called Jason Statham.

It’s variety makes it hard to get into as an album but there are some good songs – try the poppy My Blood or the rappier Nino and the Niners. An ablum you’ve got to spend some time on.

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