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Body Type: EP2

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Body Type are from Australia and play scuzzy rock somewhere between the stark indie of Kleenex and the pop of Kim Wilde.

The songs are solid rather than sparkling but we have to say we’d cross a festival field to see them live, they’re probably entertaining. There seems to be a lot of bass and drum, the guitar scuzzing out quietly except when it lobs in some melody. The vocals vary between spoken sung and that shouty thing indie bands like to do.

They seem to sing about everyday matters: Free To Air is about an old neighbour who spent his days in front of the telly, playing it loud. Stingray is deeper — about seeing friends being stuck in relationship ruts and trying to shake them out of it and “swim away gracefully”. The track’s video was inspired by a stingray at Sydney Aquarium, who gave birth despite having had no male contact for nine years. (We checked this is, it’s true: the baby was called Anakin Skywalker aka Darth Vader, because of that thing about fathers). They’ve also written songs about teeth.

Free To Air is one of the better songs (there are six), more Siouxsie and less Kim Wilde.


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