Category: Avant-garde

  • 55 Cancri e: Att Lämna Tellus

    Starting the year on a wacky note is Sara Hausenkamp’s new album, Att Lämna Tellus or leaving Tellus as you doubtless translated it from the original foreign. Hausenkamp is Swedish and learned classical guitar as a child before playing keyboard in different bands as teenager. She also makes illustrations, collages and photos, and writes, paints […]

  • The Membranes: Inner Space/Outer Space

    We were going to say we’d never heard The Membranes but looking on Wikipedia we have — they are a post-punk band formed in Blackpool in 1977, and their first release was the Flexible Membrane flexi-disc in 1980, which we bought and still have somewhere. The band included John Robb, who we always think of […]

  • James Weeks: Signs of Occupation

    Avant-garde composer Weeks is trying to make mundane, minimal music. “Occupation” is used in the sense that Weeks occupies our time by filling that time with music, and occupies the musicians, filling their time by giving them something to do, rather than asking them to play actual music. Landscape, occupied by man in another meaning […]

  • Elizabeth Hilliard: Sea To The West

    There’s no use pretending this is an easy album to get into, though it is beautiful and calming in places. It’s an album of contemporary works for solo voice with occasional electronics, six works by four composers, all written for the solo voice. If it was purely an electronic album it would be out on […]

  • Mick Harvey: Delirium Tremens

    Fair play to Bad Seeds’ Mick Harvey; he’s made plenty of good music in his time, so if he wants to scratch an itch and revisit the songbook of Serge Gainsbourg, he can. Like Nick Cave’s band, Gainsbourg sounded cool but could talk dirty, so Harvey is paying tribute to a man who influenced his […]

  • Air: Twenty Years

    There must be people who love Air (and we did play Pocket Symphony a lot when it came out) but they’re one of those bands we never think of, then enjoy when we do hear them. You can guess what this double CD is all about, and the surprising thing is how many tunes are […]

  • Metronomy: Summer 08

    Metronomy’s Joe Mount’s new album recalls when his band first made it big, summer 2008. We think we first saw him the year before, at the 2007 edition of Latitude; after hearing the music floating about a bit, we suddenly realised what he was trying to do with his quirky, out-of-kilter electronic pop. Since the […]

  • Cosmic Machine: The Sequel

    This is Because Music’s second collection of French electronica from the 70s and 80s, and we found it more entertaining than volume one, which was more up and down. It’s a bit later on in the era and there’s the Chic guitar influence, those fake disco flutes that were trendy for a while and even […]