Shonen Knife: Adventure

We’ve never heard of Shonen Knife, who turn out to be a cult Japanese pop/punk trio who’ve been going for 35 years. Kurt Cobain was a fan and they toured with Nirvana, Dave Grohl helping their drummer with the tech stuff. We know this now but listening in ignorance they came over as a jolly […]

Rusty G’s: Low

This is classic old school rock; we played it through a couple of times and were moderately impressed. Then we learned Rusty G’s is just a duo — James Finch on vocals/guitar and Dan Lopez on drums — and were even more moderately impressed. The downsides first. There’s a naming convention for four-legged bands: White […]

She Drew The Gun: Memories Of The Future

You may well be hearing more of She Drew The Gun: they have won Glastonbury’s emerging talent competition, coming out on top of the live finale and seeing off competition from thousands of other acts in the free-to-enter annual contest. The prize is a slot on one of Glastonbury’s main stages and £5,000 to help […]

Blair Dunlop: Gilded

We reviewed Dunlop’s second album House of Jacks and remember thinking he was a British Neil Young, with his intelligent songs and mix of the folk and the rock; the lack of guitar solos possibly suggests he’s more of British Jackson Browne but still: he’s good and several cuts above many “folk” artists out there. […]

The Feeling: The Feeling

According to Wikipedia, The Feeling were the most played band on UK radio in 2006: their four singles received a total of 97,436 plays, which meant that, on average, a song by The Feeling was played 267 times every day, or once every five minutes. Golly. They passed us by — Jamie T, Arcade Fire, […]

Lukas Graham: Lukas Graham

Spending all day listening to new albums we don’t do a lot of radio so we didn’t know that Lukas Graham Forchhammer and his band had scored a number one hit with 7 Years and that everyone has heard of him. Graham seems to be one of those preternaturally talented performers who pop up every […]

Pet Shop Boys: Super

The secret to Pet Shop Boys’ success (the minor issue of writing some good tunes aside) is that while they always sound the same, they always manage to sound fresh. This is the case but more so on this new album, which seems to reprise their career by sampling a variety of styles. We could […]

The Qemists: Warrior Sound

There are two arguments to make over this album. The negative first: musically this is hugely similar to what Pendulum did a few years back, mixing rock and dance, specifically Dnb, though Qemists have more rock beats. Still, it’s a decade since Hold Your Colour and eight years since the big one, In Silico, so […]

Michael Finnissy: Singular Voices

The Cathy Berberian CD (somewhere on this site) features a soprano, and this CD features a soprano, but that’s like saying Captain Beefheart and Stevie Wonder both play the harmonica. You can stick on the Berberian CD and enjoy it but this is not quite so easy. We were negative about a CD the other […]

Graham Nash: This Path Tonight

  With so many rock legends boarding the great tour bus in the sky, the surviving performers can be forgiven existential thoughts. This new offering from the former Hollies/CSNY man opens with the line “Where are we going” and goes on: “I may not know where I’m going/But I’m on this path tonight”. This slightly […]