Phil Collins: Dance Into The Light

We confess to never having heard this album or any of its songs, and it’s possible that even if we had, we’d have forgotten them. It’s all a bit unremarkable, though it’s a pleasant album with several enjoyable songs. The downside is that it’s Collins at his slickest; unmemorable tunes with an unremarkable voice don’t […]

Phil Collins: Hello I Must Be Going

The latest in the series of remastered and expanded Collins reissues is this, his second solo work and follow-up to 1981’s Face Value. While the latter is a pop album, Hello saw Collins adopt a style that was more akin to the music he made with Genesis. Playing it first time through, our main feeling […]

Cathy Berberian: Music of the World

During her life mezzo-soprano Berberian sang everything — as the sleeve notes say — from Monteverdi to the Beatles (the “mushroom heads” as they were called in Germany). She interpreted contemporary avant-garde music composed by people such as John Cage and Igor Stravinsky, as well as works by Monteverdi, Heitor Villa-Lobos and Kurt Weill, as […]

Matt Corby: Telluric

Corby sounds like he should be in a boyband and he appeared on Australian Idol some years ago, so were expecting something a lot less good than this. He’s a handsome surfer dude but clearly works hard — he released five EPs and then went off to learn keyboard, drums and guitar before knuckling down […]

Flowers: Everybody’s Dying To Meet You

Flowers’ debut Do What You Want To, It’s What You Should Do left us completely underwhelmed in the Review Corner, a sort of My Bloody Valentine lite with a female voice (she’s called Rachael Kennedy) we could never take too. Imagine what Little Red Hood would sound like if she ate the gingerbread house and […]

Kano: Made In The Manor

Everything about this says it’s not aimed at the Review Corner: we’re unlikely to use the word “manor” to describe any place we ever lived and we were never the types to pretend we were from Brixton instead of Congleton, and so unlikely to use the words bloodclart, gyal or dem. Still, Kano has a […]

Lucius: Good Grief

Lucius — Holly Laessig and Jess Wolfe — have toured/worked with the likes of Roger Waters, Mavis Staples, Jeff Tweedy/Wilco and David Byrne, so they’re good singers and know their stuff. We’ve found that albums by backing singers can be hit and miss — standing behind a talented songwriter for 100 gigs doesn’t mean some […]

Soyeon Lee: Scriabin, Piano Music

In contrast to a couple of recent couple of classical albums, this is an appealing and digestible album. It’s not only played well but it’s warm and flowing. Alexander Scriabin’s music was admired by Tolstoy as “a sincere expression of genius” while the composer once described himself as “all impulse, all desire”. He suffered from […]