Category: Punk

  • The Outlines: Streets of London

    We’ve been going to Biddulph Moor’s Rock on the Rocks for a good decade and The Outlines are without doubt the best band we’ve seen play. Awesome. It’s not just the music: they were so clearly focused on what they want to say, and had their stage presence sorted down to a T. They were […]

  • Dead Buttons: Some Kind of Youth

    While LUH (elsewhere) try to create excitement by having an existential moment or two, Dead Buttons use rock n roll played fast and loud. It works much better. This is a great album and the first one in ages to make us go “Whoooa!” It’s a bit of of a mish-mash styles, all linked together […]

  • Plague Vendor: Bloodsweat

    If an album entitled “Bloodsweat” by a band called Plague Vendor sounds good to you, you’re going to like this. It’s a name for a band playing at the limit of music, be it punk or metal, one that wants a frenzied and loyal fan base to sweat blood in the moshpit at gigs. In […]

  • Max Raptor: Max Raptor

    We’ve been getting Max Raptor material for some years and the raucous punk/rockers get better each time. The opener on this new album, Keep The Peace, is excellent: it sounded like they poured the ingredients of high energy punk into a tube of toothpaste and what came out was more intense and focused than what […]

  • September Girls: Age of Indignation

    We’ve played this the usual dozen or so times but it’s not really an album suited to repeated play. In feeling, it reminded us of PiL for the stripped down intensity, with the vocals/drums giving it the sound of early Siouxsie. There’s a solid drone to the music, with lots of guitar washing over the […]

  • Heck: Instructions

    Mathcore punks Heck were previously known as Baby Godzilla but forced to change their name by a Japanese film company. Which is ironic: play this raucous blast of noise pollution at an invading gorilla whale and it would soon get the heck out. We no longer have to fear alien invasion, at least. Heck are […]

  • Shonen Knife: Adventure

    We’ve never heard of Shonen Knife, who turn out to be a cult Japanese pop/punk trio who’ve been going for 35 years. Kurt Cobain was a fan and they toured with Nirvana, Dave Grohl helping their drummer with the tech stuff. We know this now but listening in ignorance they came over as a jolly […]

  • The Qemists: Warrior Sound

    There are two arguments to make over this album. The negative first: musically this is hugely similar to what Pendulum did a few years back, mixing rock and dance, specifically Dnb, though Qemists have more rock beats. Still, it’s a decade since Hold Your Colour and eight years since the big one, In Silico, so […]

  • Barry Adamson: Know Where To Run

    We’ve been listening to Adamson for many years without realising it: he played with Magazine, and was on their punk classic Shot by Both Sides in 1977. He’s played with bands ever since, most recently Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds on 2013’s Push the Sky Away. He’s a man who’s worked hard at his […]

  • Enter Shikari: The Mindsweep: Hospitalised

    We like Enter Shikari, with their shouty but politically charged songs coupling anger with metal/DnB. The Mindsweep, which came out early this year, was no different, the title referring to those in power withholding new ideas and keeping our minds swept clean. This sees Hospital Records’ producers remix the tracks, and we have to say […]